8218 River Way, Delta BC V4G 1C4


Roberts Bank Geotechnical Investigation

Duration: July 2010 to October 2010
Owner: Golder Associates Ltd.

JJM to provide marine plant labour and equipment to Golder Associates to facilitate an off-shore geotechnical drilling program. The geotechnical investigation by Golder Associates for Port Metro Vancouver is to assess the off-shore foundation conditions for a proposed expansion of the Deltaport Terminal at Roberts Bank.
JJM will be working with Foundex Drilling, who will be conducting the actual subsurface investigations from JJM's barge. The scope of JJM's work is as follows:

  • Supply a large spud barge (Miller 212) with a 9-foot diameter moon pool to facilitate underwater drilling,
  • Work with Foundex to mount their drilling equipment on the Miller 212,
  • Supply and operate ancillary equipment in support of the Foundex drilling operations, e.g. anchors, generators, compressors, crane, office/change room, etc.
  • Provide First Aid coverage for marine operations,
  • Supply tug services and water transportation as required,
  • Supply fuel to Foundex, and
  • Provide crew and supervision to operate the marine plant in support of the drilling operations.