8218 River Way, Delta BC V4G 1C4


Prince George South Weigh Scale

Cariboo Hwy No. 97, Prince George South Weigh Scale and Four Laning LKI Segment 1150, KM 83.69 to KM 88.63 Grading and Paving

This project involves the construction of a new median weigh scale facility complete with entrance and exit lanes, truck parking, staff parking, and scale and bypass lanes in each direction. The work generally includes:

  • Clearing and grubbing;
  • Roadway and drainage excavation;
  • Existing asphalt pavement removal, cutting and milling;
  • Placement and compaction of select granular subbase, and base course;
  • Construction of drainage culverts;
  • Asphalt pavement;
  • Static scale concrete aprons, scale pits and scale concrete decks;
  • Scale equipment and controls;
  • Site servicing including installation of water supply, sanitary sewage disposal and power;
  • Construction of building foundation;
  • Supply and installation of concrete roadside barriers and traffic signs;
  • Revegetation, seeding and landscaping;
  • Environmental mitigation works;
  • Quality management; and
  • Traffic management and control.

Owner: Ministry of Transportation